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Power to garage and garden lighting - Kilnwood Vale, Horley

The customer has moved into a new home with a detached garage with no power supply.  We installed a main supply to the garage and some basic lighting and sockets within.  

Also, some beautiful walkover lighting along their garden pathway, controlled by smart App technology.

Re-wire of 3 bedroom house

Our customers had recently moved into their 1930s semi-detached house in Horley.  They are planning a full refurbishment and had decided to start by replacing all the electrics.

As they were living there at the time, we carried out the installation of new electrical services alongside the old wiring, switching over to the new and disconnecting each old circuit, once completed.

We have replaced all the socket circuits in the first phase, then the lighting on each floor.  With an extension, a bathroom and kitchen refurbishment to follow, the wiring is already in place to add further electrical services as the project progresses.

A house rewire can be effectively managed like this, whilst the owners are in occupation.  With good communication and tidy work, anything is possible.

Tesla EV Charge point

We installed a Tesla 7.2KW charge point for a customer in Reigate.  Tesla charge points are not included within the OLEV grant scheme but the installation process is just the same.

Kitchen re-wire

We worked alongside the customer's kitchen fitter to install new sockets, lighting, cabinet lighting and two oven circuits.

Another "small jobs day"

Harding Electric Company always keeps time available in the schedule for those smaller jobs that customers really need done, and require some help with. 

A previous customer, a very chatty senior citizen, kindly referred us to two of her neighbours.  They were concerned about the safety of some very old light fittings, and whether their electrics were suitable.


New lights fitted, a cup of tea shared and everyone's happy.

18th edition consumer unit change

When working on an earlier project for this customer, we noticed that their consumer unit, though only installed 2 years prior, had a number of potentially series flaws of workmanship and electrical compliance.  

The customer requested a new consumer unit which, now under the 18th edition of Electrical Regulations, provides an even great level of control and safety than before, has given them this and peace of mind.

Whilst on site we also upgraded their downstairs lighting, replacing ceiling ross with modern LED spotlights and carried out a full electrical check of the property.

Patio lighitng and outdoor power

Working alongside the customer's excellent landscaping contractor, we installed a dedicated power supply for the garden of this new home, in Vestvale Park, near Horley/ Reigate. With outside sockets and beautiful lights embedded in the patio stones, that switch via remote control from indoors, this provided the customer with a modern solution for their summer entertaining. 

Kitchen and extension rewire

Our customer had a new kitchen and conservatory extension  We worked alongside their selected builder, to provide new wiring for the project.  Modern kitchens are quite hungry for power, so new dedicated electrics are recommended to support major home improvements. In this case we installed wiring for 2 cookers, sockets, heating, ceiling lighting in both rooms and under cabinet LED lighting.

EV Charge Point - CityEVLine, Post-mounted

This was an enjoyable job due to the challenges of the property and the need to mount the charge point on a post, in a remote location from the main property.

City EV offer a mounting plate which means their charge points can be professionally post-mounted, which means an elegant and tailored outco

Small jobs day

Harding Electric Company always keeps time available in the schedule for those smaller jobs that customers really need done, and require some help with. 

We spent a day travelling round to 4 customers' homes, putting up lights and dealing with minor electrical jobs.

Small jobs are important.  We'll always make the time to help.

Power to garden office

The client has a beautiful garden office that's been built, though without a power supply.  Our job was to install a supply, through the garden, to the garden outbuilding.

We erected a consumer unit in the building and from that, supplied new circuits to sockets and downlighting throughout.  Also, leaving some capacity for extra services (such as exterior lighting, heating) at a later date, there's scope for future improvement if the client wishes.

EV Charge Point - Zappi

We installed a Zappi - the customer wrote afterwards:

"It was a pleasure meeting and working with you this morning. 

A huge thank you for installing the Zappi EV charger in such a neat and professional manner. 

I look forward to recommending you to both friends and colleagues should they require similar services."

Garage Power and EV Charge Point

For this job we needed to run a heavy duty cable through the customer's house, via the garden to their garage.  At the garage, we then installed a consumer unit which supplied garage power, lighting, security and their new Rolec EV Charger.

The indoor element was a challenge because nobody wants to see a large cable in the living room!  We accomplished this in an elegant way, hiding it under kitchen units and concealed within walls.

The job allowed the new EV Charge Point to be situated by the garage, and the remaining supply and services have given the customer much better use of his garage.

EV Charge Point - Zappi

The customer chose the ever popular Zappi in order to take advantage of the smart energy management features, linked to his solar panels.

In this case, a relatively simple installation due to existing "TT" earthing arrangements and short cable run.

EV Charge Point - City EVLine 100

The client has been using a low powered 13A EV charge point for a while, and wanted a more powerful unit, plus a change of vehicle required a type 2 charger.

With some of the wiring already in place this was a relatively simple installation, though the RCD required upgrading and an earthing rod installed as this was missing from the original setup.

He chose a City EV Evline 100 model, to benefit from the removable key switch, online reporting functions and a powerful 32A charge.  It's also an attractive unit. 

Full kitchen installation

Working on behalf of a national DIY superstore and kitchen supplier, we provided a full rewiring for a kitchen upgrade.

Once the old kitchen was remove we installed new wiring for a number of sockets, fused spurs, cooker, extractor, appliances and lighting.  Other elements of the property's installation were also brought up to current regulations to ensure full safety and compliance with BS7671.

EV Charge Point - Rolec

All new installations offer unique challenges and in this case we had to upgrade the garage supply with a much larger cable as well as get the cable under the driveway.  Fortunately we were able to use an existing/ old cable to pull the new one under the drive and into the garage.

Once the new cable was in place this also allowed the client to install additional electrical facilities in his garage, as well as the Rolec 7.4kW type 2 unthethered charger.


Consumer unit replacement

This was a relatively simple change-over as the property only uses a small number of circuits.

With the new unit in place though the homeowner now has full RCD protection on every circuit and, as part of the usual detailed testing, a few minor issues were identified and corrected.

I always allocate a full day to a consumer unit change, which enabled the customer to also ask for a number of minor electrical jobs to be completed around the house, all within the price of the job.


EV Charge Point - Zappi

The customer has pre-ordered his new plug-in hybrid electric car and needed a suitable charge point installed by his drive.

In this case we installed a 32A 7.2kW charger which will allow a full charge in 2-3 hours, on a type 2 charge lead.

A new circuit was installed from the main consumer unit, with a little discretely hidden cable in the house, through to the charge point mounted on the outside wall.


Consumer unit upgrade

We upgraded an old re-wireable fuse board to a modern, 17th edition consumer unit with full circuit and RCD protection.

The client had initially experienced some loss of power in part of his flat and, on the initial call-out, we discovered some scorching from overheated wires in the old fuse board, which had deteriorated and actually melted. 

The fault had a definite fire risk and some other faults in the property wiring also exposed the owner to risk of electric shock.

As he also wished to upgrade his kitchen electrics, a change of consumer unit - which comes with a full inspection before and after - upgrading the consumer unit was the obvious choice.


Westvale Park - installed lights

The client has just moved in and bought a variety of light fittings to replace the standard pendants.

Checkatrade feedback provided after the work:

"Very happy with the work, James spent time understanding the fittings which as I understand were not straight forward but accomplished exactly what we needed. Very professional and accommodating approach from the first email received".


Moved into large house - many upgrades

Our clients have recently moved into a large house that's approximately 30 years old and they wanted lots of electrical upgrades.

Having taken a detailed brief and had our quote approved (ahead of 3 other firms) we engaged in a series of installations, including:

  • replacement of old garden lighting with modern LED flood lights

  • installation of motion sensor security lighting around external doors

  • replacement of halogen kitchen downlights with LED lighting

  • addition of new sockets and moves of other sockets

  • upgrade of garage electrical wiring with and consumer unit

  • replacement of various ceiling lights

  • installation of new downlights 

  • installation of new dimmers and other switches

  • installation of new under cabinet kitchen lighting


Extensive outside lighting

This was for a large home in Kingswood, Surrey.  We installed a variety of security and house illumination, making use of various remote control and smart switching technology.

  • Dawn-till- dusk decorative lights along driveway

  • Ground post lights, also on photocell

  • Ground mounted house illuminating floodlights

  • Large garden perimeter lighting

  • Motion sensor security lighting


Moving and adding lights

Having recently moved into their home the client wanted some wall lights moving along the wall, and some new lights fitting in their hallway.

A few techniques required here - the solid walls required "chasing", and the cabling to be extended.  the wall lights were installed via loft access and made to switch on with the existing hall light, which itself was moved to a better position above the stairwell.

Under-cabinet kitchen lights

We installed some excellent LED strip lighting under the customer's kitchen units, incorporating the switching for this into the existing light switch, which was upgraded to a 2-gang.


This is part of a larger project where we also added sockets and other lighting, as part of the kitchen refurbishment.

LED downlighting

Quite a common job, this involved replacing some old halogen downlighters that were expensive to run and often blowing bulbs, with modern elegant downlighters the customer's living room.

Using a laser guide for a perfect grid we created a new layout of nine lights, which are switchable from two locations and dimmable for the perfect ambience.

Moving house - taking light fittings

The client is about to move house, so asked us to remove their feature light fittings, in order to take them to their new home.

We were therefore asked to replace the lights with modest pendants for the new owners, pack up the lights that have been taken down, and put date in the diary to put them back up in their new home.

Power supply to outbuildings

In this project the client had a number of outbuildings.  Each needed a power supply and a range of electrical circuits within the buildings.


The supply to each was via a buried underground sub-main cable and each building required its own earthing arrangement to ensure optimal automatic disconnections times via RCD protection. Some of the buildings were metal construction, and others had water services, both of which require earth bonding. 

A challenging and thoroughly enjoyable project.

New sockets and light switches

The client is refurbishing their house and needed additional sockets and switches.  The complexity of this job varies considerably, house to house, depending on the wall construction and existing wiring.

This was one of the tricker ones!  The walls were solid concrete with cables embedded within.  We used specialist drilling equipment to bore out the socket boxes, and needed to secure and protect the cables before extending them into the new sockets.

After the standard statutory testing and verification, the sockets were complete and ready to use same day.

Simple light chage

A few of these recently.  Older light fittings in bathrooms often use low output bulbs with dim light, and they are sometimes not rated to waterproof (IP) standards.

We've replaced bathroom light fittings for modern LED, IP rated lights, and the clients have been delighted.

Pond electrics - tripping and repaired

In this case the customer's pond electrics were tripping, which also meant a section of the house was without power.

As is often the case, the culprit was an older pond filter unit outdoors that had deteriorated in damp conditions and created a short-circuit.  

This was replaced and we also upgrades some of the outdoor wiring and connections to ensure a safer, reliable system.

Fixing DIY mishaps

The client had recently moved into their new house and realised that many minor electrical issues needed addressing.

In this case, we repaired the earthing of countless sockets and switches that had been changed, fixed the doorbell, repaired the bathroom lights, restored the extractor, removed LIVE cables from walls, replaced outdoor lights and re-installed some LED lighting that was potentially dangerous.

Garden perimeter lighting and pond pump

The client was re-modelling his garden so this was a good opportunity to install some great looking spotlights around the perimeter.

Switched on/ off from indoors, we used buried armoured cable to ensure maximum protection (and dog-proofing!) for the cabling.

In addition, we provided a new supply to their garden pond.

Garden lighting isn't really complicated electrically but it does require proper design, and cabling/ termination techniques to ensure maximum insulation, correct earthing and longevity.

Moving switches across the wall

The client had, for a long time, lived with the inconvenience of their light switches being in the wrong place.

The job was therefore to re-locate the switches to new locations, some along the wall and others to the other side of the wall.

Called to replace a bathroom fan, actually just a faulty timer

This was one of those jobs that's considerably less complicated that first thought.

The customer's bathroom fan wasn't working so they assumed it needed replacing.  A little investigation up in the loft showed that actually just the electronic timer had failed.  After some internet research to find a replacement part from the original manufacturer, and a return visit to fit it, the bathroom was back to it's ventilated best.

Earth bonding

When they had their gas meter serviced, the clients were told that they didn't have earthing bonding on the gas supply.

"What is that?", they reasonably asked.

Bonding is an electrical system, present in all homes, which ensures equal earth nil voltages between incoming utilities - electricity, water, gas.  Very simply, it's a safety feature, easy to install and in this case was a very quick job.  House safe again.

Bathroom extractor and light replacement

For this job, the customer needed an extractor installed above her bathroom.  There hadn't been one there before and the bathroom ventilation was poor.

We installed a very powerful "in-line" fan, in the loft above the bathroom, which provides much better extraction than small ceiling mounted fans can offer.  With the overrun timer keeping the fan running for a period after the lights are switched off, the bathroom is now well ventilated and clears quickly after use.

At the same time (simple as it's on the same circuit) we put in a lovely designer light fitting.

Electric shower replacement

When the client's old electric shower died, he got in touch to install a new one.  As the old shower had been there for many years, we needed to bring the installation up to modern safety specifications, prior to installing the new unit.

We upgraded the whole circuit - from consumer unit (fuse board) to the new shower - with the addition of a RCD unit and new isolator (not positioned inside the shower cubicle this time!).

The whole process took just a couple of hours, after which the customer had a safe, modern, certificated and powerful new shower.

Bathroom downlights

We installed these super-cool IP and fire rated downlights in a bathroom. 


It's a recessed LED downlight that has no visible light source. The LED's are hidden to reduce glare, and the specially painted dome reflects the light out of the product. The new version is now fire rated up to 90 minutes, and also offers an IP65 rating now making it also ideal for bathroom installations. It offers a high lumen output with low energy consumption, and a wide 120 degree beam angle providing a good light coverage. The anti glare design is extra slim, allowing for easy installation into shallow ceiling voids.

Going back soon to fit the same lights in the kitchen!

Garage re-wire

The customer's garage required additional sockets, and he took the opportunity to ask me to remove and replace all the old electrical fixtures and wiring. 

Before, there were old cablings that were hanging from walls and poorly arranged circuits.

Afterwards, the installation was fully safe, neatly organised into conduit and correctly fused.  We added several new sockets, giving greater versatility and a suitable power supply for their new electric garage door.

Patio and galavised steel lighting system

A large project in Horley involved installing a number of walk-over lights into a newly constructed patio, which look stunning and light the new paved area really well.

As part of the installation the client also requested some outdoor sockets, and the final element was the creation of a retro style galvanised steel system with 4 LED "up & down" lights to illuminate the whole rear of the house.

New bathroom

This was a contract job working in conjunction with a local bathroom fitter.  The house is 1950s so when the new bathroom was installed, the electrical circuit  supplying it needed to be replaced in order to safely supply (and comply with regulations) the new lighting, extractor fan and shower pump.  We installed a new circuit with RCD protection, back to the consumer unit, using the loft space to route the cables directly over the bathroom.

Just moved in

My customer called me prior to taking occupation of their new home.  They wanted new sockets throughout, new kitchen and bathroom lights and some additional testing and checking of the house electrical system.

Forge Wood - Garage Power

The developers, in their wisdom, have provided very few homes with power to their garages.  

We've now taken enquiries from five homeowners who have asked for a power supply to be installed in their garages.  These include the coach houses and detached homes. 

The installation can be made as simple, or sophisticated as you wish.  Customers wishing a full range of power in their garages will require a new circuit to be installed from their consumer unit, with larger grade cables to support greater current demand for various power, lighting, electric garage doors and heating needs.  Others have just requested simple lighting and a couple of sockets for a frig or garden equipment.

Costs vary, and are typically from £250.00 for a simple installation.

Bathroom cabinets

Bathroom cabinets with integrated lighting look excellent.  They also need to correctly installed to the manufacturer's instructions and in accordance with regulations.

We installed these at the customer's home in main bathroom and the en-suite.  They look splendid and complete the room nicely.

Full re-wire

This was a full electrical refurbishment of a rental property in Horsham.  The landlord asked us to replace the antiquated wiring, and install a new modern consumer unit.  Now done, the property has excellent electrics, and most importantly the safety standards have been greatly enhanced, with the addition of RCD protection and much improved earthing.

Whilst we were there we also took the opportunity to install a new smoke detector and upgrade the light fittings.

Landlord services

We were called by a Crawley landlord to do some work on their rental flat, between tenants.  In this case, this meant PAT Testing the landlord-provided appliances - cooker, frig, washing machine and some heaters - and replacing some older switches and sockets.

The PAT Testing identified some minor defects, which were repaired well before the next tenant moved in.  We also installed some replacement electrical bathroom fans.

Canary Flex outdoor securty cameras

Canary Flex security camera offers home security peace of mind. It's weatherproof to withstand the toughest outdoor elements, but equally happy indoors, and with mains or rechargeable battery power it's free to be placed anywhere. Using the free Canary app, it can send alerts and notifications to your smart phone and you can view live or recorded footage at any time, anywhere. Armed with privacy mode, bank-level data encryption and one-touch access to emergency services from within the app, Canary makes it easy to stay safe.

Power restored

The customer's garage was without power.  It turned out that a lamp had tripped the circuits but also blown the fuses in the garage, because they were rated at too low a level for the usage.  A simple diagnosis and fix and test and the customer was very happy.  Not least because we could also replace his garden uplights, as they took their power from the garage.


We replaced some old (high energy consuming) halogen downlights in the customer's hallway with these excellent LED fire rated, dimmable downlights, which come at a very reasonable price.  A much more elegant look plus considerable energy savings.

Garden lighting

We're doing lots of these currently and this was a typical installation.  The customer wanted improved lighting for his garden, with a modern LED light situated high on the wall,  which would replace an obsolete, 500W fitting that had stopped working.  We installed a 50W LED floodlight, also making it switched from indoors for an improved experience. 

Security cameras

This was a large house in Horley, where we installed a series of cameras around the perimeter of the property, which all led back to a central control unit, which records to a hard drive.

The customer can now view his camera feeds back over several days, and also has a live viewing feature via his iPhone App which means he can remotely access the system from anywhere he wishes.

We also installed some additional exterior floodlighting to work together with the cameras.

Consumer unit

We installed a new consumer unit (fuse board) to a new log cabin style outbuilding.  A complicated installation with very specific user requirements due to the nature of the building and its final use.

The supply was via a heavy-duty buried cable (SWA) and additional earthing was required to be installed locally at the cabin.

USB sockets

A busy household or working parents, teenagers and lots of phones, iPads, chargers and other devices.  The customer had all their bedroom and kitchen sockets changed for USB sockets (combined 13A plugs, also with 2 USB slots incorporated).  Result:  less mess and clutter and most importantly far fewer arguments about missing chargers!

Ceiling lights

The customer had been without ceiling lights for a long time, since a renovation when some of the wiring was removed.

It was most gratifying to see her reaction when the lights were restored!

Detached garage re-wire

With a new consumer unit and 5 new circuits, this was a significant undertaking.  The garage is double detached and used as a workshop as well as supplying the customer's garden with power and lighting for entertaining.

The electrical needs were therefore precise, and we needed to specify the load and cable requirements of the supply, as well as for each individual circuit.

We installed a new ring main, socket run, 2-way lighting, outside security lights and fed another remote outbuilding.

Dimmer switch

Simple for an electrician, yes, but if you're not confident of fitting yourself then just call!  It has to be done correctly, and especially for metal switches.  A quick job, and the customer had in-expensive peace of mind.


The client initially called us to change a fused spur socket (the switch for a tumble drier) because it was cracked. 

On closer inspection, it was cracked because of excessive heat in the switch which was due to a faulty older appliance that had continually overloaded the circuit and caused a lot of heat and a potentially dangerous situation. 

We changed the switch and replaced a section of the wiring, tested the circuit and gave it the all clear!

General check and fix

It's quite common that clients call with a variety of matters to attend to.  The client had a flickering hall light (loose connections in switch), some antiquated wiring up in the loft which included some very poorly installed junctions with exposed wiring.  He also wanted a garden floodlight, kitchen light to replace and another outside wall lantern to fit. 

All fixed and safe, nice new lights up and client satisfied.

Outbuilding heating

The building involved is a private gym for a top personal trainer, and therefore needed very specific heating to ensure optimal conditions for harding-working clients!

We installed a system of electrical heaters, controlled wirelessly with a radio controller that enables specific temperate timing and zoning throughout the day.

Security Lighting

My customer was concerned about a dark alley around the side of her property.  With some new wiring and strategically placed security floodlights with sensors, the whole area now lights up when somebody approaches from any direction.

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