Now is an ideal time to upgrade your property's consumer unit/ fuse board. Older models often lack modern safety standards whereas new consumer units offer the latest in user protection.

An upgrade is often essential if you are considering other home improvements which involve your home electrics, such as bathrooms and kitchens and extensions.

A consumer unit change is usually completed in day. Along with the new installation there's a full pre-works survey of the property and post-completion certification that all electrics are safe and compliant with current regulations.

Quote Ref: CUPROM25 for a 10% discount in installation cost

For a pricing guide please see below.

Properties and electrical installations vary considerably.  Price guide is below.  All subject to VAT

  • £350          Small flat, 2 bed house.  Up to 6 electrical circuits

  • £450          3 bed house.  Up to 8 electrical circuits

  • £700          4-5 bed house with garage.  Up to 10 electrical circuits

  • £900          Large house with outbuilding.  Up to 12 electrical circuits

Other elements which affect final cost include:  

  • Quality and age of existing wiring

  • Customer choices re. consumer unit eg RCBO breakers throughout

  • Change consumer unit location

  • Upgrade of main supply fuse and meter "tails"

  • Any electrical faults found in initial survey or during works

  • Any non-compliant electrical installation found in initial survey or during works

A survey is carried out prior and cost of works quoted in advance.