Your Choice of EV Charge Points

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Any UK charge point

We install all UK compatible charge points.

The final choice is yours, and we shall advise the best match for your vehicle, your property and budget.

The charge points available today are built to excellent standards and many are packed with super features to keep you safe, and your power use optimised.

Safe and Compliant

Professional installation is essential .  The rapid growth in EV driving and charging means that each charge point that's installed, must be reported to the appropriate electricity provider (DNO) in your location.  This to ensure that the network can keep up with demand.  We do this for you, having collected some basic information about your home and electricity account.

Safe installation involves an assessment of your property's incoming power capacity, it's earthing set-up and the impact of having an EV charge point drawing up to 7.4Kw on top of your normal domestic use.  

A professional installation therefore incorporates an active load management system to ensure the overall power demand can't exceed a safe limit.

Installation Excellence

We are thorough and meticulous in our installation methods, and we don't cut corners.  We use only the best distribution equipment available, the best fixings, cable and electrical parts.  We test the installation with specialist EV testing equipment in order to ensure full compliance with legal standards. 


The outcome is that the whole installation displays a look of high quality, robust excellence that you deserve.

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