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About me

James Harding

I started Harding Electric Company in 2017 to provide customers with an exceptionally high quality, reliable electrician's service.  Before this I spent 25 years in business, managing and leading UK and international service companies.  However it's always been my dream to break free from the "grind" and run my own local company in a "hands-on" environment.  So, I took a year off, obtained my electrician's qualifications to go with my business degree and brought it all together as Harding Electric Company.

In early 2018 I started installing EV charge points, and over the few years this grew into a specialist area, and now, in early 2022 I am 100% focussed on this exciting, innovating and rewarding work.  

Along with my installation work, I have developed a national network of EV installers, and related professionals.  This began as a social media group on Facebook, and later I created a website business which is UK EV Installers which is now a successful trading business, providing information and technical resources for EV installers nationwide, with an online shop, a dedicated jobs page for installers, a free installer directory and enterprise services through which installers can grow their businesses with the online platform


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